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Ministerial consistency is key to school success

Last week Boris Johnson began his tenure as the country’s Prime Minister. Taking his place in Number 10 Downing Street, the Tory leader announced a swathe of investment, from 20,000 new police officers

Are GCSE properly preparing students for employment?

Recent criticism of the new GCSE format from leaders within the education sector has led to questions about whether school curriculums are adequately preparing pupils for life in employment.

The latest news from Rebecca

Rebecca has had a fantastic 2017 with the Homeworkers, and she is certainly looking forward to yet another fantastic year. “It is rather noisy working from home at the moment! We have an additional member of the team to welcome…please…

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Interview with the Midlands Region Directors

We sat down with The Classroom Partnership Midlands Directors Matthew Yorke and Rosanna Rogers to find out more about their background in Education recruitment and how they are getting on in the Midlands office.   How long have you worked…

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What schools are looking for from a supply teacher

Supply teaching is great, as an education agency we place hundreds of teachers each month into a wide range of schools. Our supply teachers are in primary, secondary, special education and special measures schools and the requirements of each are…

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Teacher retention just as important as recruitment

A recent report by the House of Commons Education Committee has found that recruitment and retention of teachers is a growing issue in England. The government is aware of the challenges but has consistently failed to meet recruitment targets through…

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