The Classroom Partnership has launched a new campaign celebrating great education personnel called ‘make an impression that lasts a lifetime.’

The campaign has been designed to recognise those that work in the education sector and leave a positive, lasting impression on students. The company understands that as adults we all have fond memories of role models in schools, whether it was the enigmatic physics teacher that inspired a love of particles or the teaching assistant that helped explain Pythagoras’ theorem.

Throughout the campaign, The Classroom Partnership will be asking education personnel for their stories about what inspired them to get into teaching and featuring the stories on their website and social media platforms.

It also offers an opportunity for candidates to experience the wide range of vacancies available on The Classroom Partnership website where they can continue to make an impression that lasts a lifetime.

Celebrating great education staff

Paul Broderick, CEO of the education agency said, “We wanted to run a campaign that would remind people of their favourite teachers and support staff. The make an impression campaign is designed to celebrate those role models and to remind teachers of the positive impacts that they have on students, and that these experiences last a lifetime. We all have a handful of teachers that we remember fondly and this campaign is about celebrating the best teaching personnel that The Classroom Partnership is fortunate to work with.”

The Classroom Partnership is a specialist education staffing agency with offices across the UK. After setting up in early 2016 the company has grown to six nationwide offices, working with more than 25 local authorities and over 700 schools.

To find out more about the campaign, click here.