We sat down with The Classroom Partnership Midlands Directors Matthew Yorke and Rosanna Rogers to find out more about their background in Education recruitment and how they are getting on in the Midlands office.


How long have you worked in recruitment?

Matt: “I have worked in Education recruitment now for 7 years. During this period, I have built up a great knowledge of the local area and demographics for each of our clients and had even joined a school as a community school governor to help build on that knowledge and give me an idea of the mechanics of how schools work on the inside.”

Rosanna: “Prior to The Classroom Partnership, I had spent 6 months as a Secondary and Specialist recruiter. I established relationships quickly as my experience in the sector enabled me to identify the right candidates for assignments.”


Do you have an educational background?

Matt: “My experience in the Education sector began in 2011, but before that I had mostly sales experience, both Business to Business and Business to Consumer.”

Rosanna: “My background is SEN&D mentoring, teaching and SLT across various age groups. After working as a LAC’s mentor and SEN&D personal support worker, I started my teaching career in 2007 as a teacher of English in a local secondary school. I quickly realised I could combine my passion and experience of working with NEET & SEN&D children in a college setting and moved to working as a lecturer in an alternative provision. Before leaving for the world of recruitment, I managed the department and so have an excellent understanding of the funding (or lack of) that schools have and the frustrations of trying to provide a positive and productive learning environment when regular staff are absent. I still dip my toe into teaching now and then; my passion for teaching will never go!”


Why should schools choose to work with TCP Midlands?

Rosanna: “It can be really hard to put your trust into a recruitment consultant when their only experience of education is their own. At TCP we invest our time to ensure we develop and maintain an excellent partnership. By visiting your schools fairs with our bouncy castle, dressing up as Christmas Characters, help running sports days, offering to support classes for a day or simply bringing coffee into your office, all this time helps us to understand the staff, children and young people’s adults within your community.”

Matt: “The Classroom Partnership Midlands was born out of passion to have full autonomy with our clients and candidates. Both are the backbones of our business and without them, we wouldn’t exist. It is this reason that we separate ourselves from our competitors by offering a variety of services back to our schools other than just ‘the norm’. A great example of this is our bouncy castle. In 2017, we purchased a 15x18ft purpose built bouncy castle, specifically for our schools to use free of charge to enjoy during school fairs and attendance awards etc.”

We are always looking at new ways to help our schools in every way possible. For our candidates, we regularly hold ‘get together’ evenings and free food and drink and just enjoy learning about the different experiences they all have within the supply world. When Rosanna and I opened TCP Midlands back in November 2016, we knew where we wanted to get to and it has been a fantastic journey so far. We’re really looking forward to 2018 and implementing new ideas to revolutionise the way agencies operate with schools. Aside from all of the above, below are a couple of other reasons why we are the chosen option for many schools:

  • The Classroom Partnership – like our name suggests, we look to build a ‘Partnership’ with each school
  • We have bespoke services tailored for each school
  • Quality over quantity or your money back – GUARANTEED.
  • We are available to chat with you 24/7
  • We have an experienced team, including 2 governors, 1 ex-teacher and 1-ex student
  • Our free to use bouncy castle and disco domes
  • Contributions to summer fairs
  • Attendance awards prizes – we want to help you incentivise your pupils
  • 100% compliant with full vetting record sent on every booking (giving more information than the norm)”