How would you feel if we could pay for your PGCE? I bet you would be delighted. What if we then told you that we would also pay you a salary while you study? Doubly delighted, no doubt?

Here at The Classroom Partnership, that’s precisely what we’re offering. This year we’ve launched a brand new, original and innovative programme that pays talented graduates a salary and pays their PGCE tuition fees. It’s called the Employment-Based School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (Employment-Based SCITT).

What is it and how can you pay for my PGCE?

We’ve been working with schools for many years, some of us have been working in schools too. Therefore, we understand the difficulty they’re having in recruiting new teachers and retaining the ones they have. In fact, according to figures from the DfE, schools didn’t meet recruitment targets by up to 30% in some subjects last year.

That’s why we launched the Employment-Based SCITT programme to help tackle the teacher recruitment crisis. It helps schools recruit teachers and helps graduates enter the industry with zero tuition fee debt burden.

First NQT job

How does it work?

Our Employment-Based SCITT is like no other programme out there. Over a two-year period, graduates enrolled on the programme work full-time in a school as a trainee teacher while studying the PGCE course part-time.

We’ve partnered with a leading university in the UK which allows trainee teachers to study for the PGCE through a mixture of distance, online learning and a couple of residential study classes.

During this time, trainee teachers are paid a competitive salary for their work in the school and we cover the costs of the PGCE course.

What are the benefits

Aside from free tuition and a competitive salary that you can spend on whatever you like? There are a lot of benefits to the Employment-Based SCITT programme.

Firstly, at the end of it, you gain qualified teacher status, an internationally recognised qualification that you can use in the UK and in many countries abroad. You’ll do this, having not paid a penny for tuition and what’s more, you’ll have had a salary to spend on clothes, food and marker pens!

After two years working in a school as a trainee teacher you’ll have a head start on your fellow peers who completed the PGCE in the ‘traditional’ way. You’ll have gained valuable experience in a school environment, giving you an advantage over many NQTs as well as making the transition into QTS that much easier.

Furthermore, you won’t be on your own. You’ll have mentors and guidance throughout the whole process from many different sources. You’ll have a dedicated team at The Classroom Partnership who will be on hand to answer any queries you may have. In the school, you’ll be assigned a mentor who will be another teacher who will help guide you as you take the first steps on your journey to QTS. You’ll also have expert tutoring and mentoring from your experienced university tutors who have helped many graduates enter the education sector.

We’re extremely proud here at The Classroom Partnership about our Employment-Based SCITT programme and we’re now looking for graduates to start in September.

If you’re looking to get into teaching, register your interest today and get started on one of the best programmes there is.