Choosing the right teaching agency for you is very important. As an education professional, you have worked hard to achieve what you have to date. Even if you are an NQT and are looking for your first post in a school, you want to ensure that you’re working with the best recruiters possible.

How do you ensure, therefore, that you are working with the best recruitment agency? This can be a difficult to identify at first which is why we have put together this blog to illustrate the traits of a good education recruitment agency.

The sign of a good education agency

There are many education agencies in the UK to choose from. By working with an agency you will reduce the stress of your job search as agencies will work with many schools and will therefore have a lot of different posts. A good agency should be able to offer a number of options to you based on your requirements.

This illustrates that they’re working with a number of schools and also, by being able to offer various roles to suir your requirements, it shows that they understand and have listened to you. Consultants work with two parties, clients and candidates. Their role is to understand the requirements of each in order to find the best match.

Ensure that you are working with an agency that is able to offer you positions that consistently match what you’re looking for. Teaching agencies are usually the first impression that a school will receive of you as a candidate. Reputation in the education sector is paramount and by working with a recruiter that is honest, up front and has integrity in the way it communicates with you, you can rest assured that they are representing you in the best way possible to schools.

By being honest, a good education recruitment professional will be able to offer valuable advice, sector knowledge and practical solutions to your job search.

What does The Classroom Partnership offer?

Working in the education sector is a privilege which is why so many of our recruitment consultants and directors have worked as teachers and head teachers. We are therefore able to offer candidates the best possible advice on schools, posts and your career path moving forward. We are able to work with candidates to achieve their goals. Whether that is to have a flexible supply role that offers a work-life balance or as an NQT that is looking to forge a career in education.

We’re also a dedicated education recruitment agency with offices across the UK. Candidates are offered a wide range of suitable vacancies in their area or if they are looking to move to a different city.

We know that you work alongside excellent education professionals who may be looking for a move. That’s why we offer a referral fee where you both benefit. If you nominate someone and we place them, you each receive up to £200 each.

To find out how we can help with your education career, contact us today by clicking here.