Rebecca has had a fantastic 2017 with the Homeworkers, and she is certainly looking forward to yet another fantastic year.

“It is rather noisy working from home at the moment! We have an additional member of the team to welcome…please welcome our second helper in the office this week, Flo, who is having a sleepover for a couple of weeks! As most of you are aware, Hobbes is often keeping my feet warm sleeping on the floor in my office; I now have two noisy sleepers keeping me company!”

If you are looking for flexible supply staff in the Midlands area, please don’t hesitate to contact Rebecca for a friendly, proactive service. Want to find out more about Rebecca? Click here!


The schools Rebecca has been working with had a few things to say too…


“I have great pleasure in working with Rebecca with all cover/supply related requirements. She is always extremely professional yet friendly, and very proactive with any supply enquiries I may have, daily or long-term.  The fact that she works from home has no detrimental impact on the support she provides which is always to a very high standard.” – Kam

“I get into work at 7.45-8:00am and kick straight into work-mode. I switch on my computer and listen to the answerphone to know which staff are off that day, this will dictate if I need to contact Rebecca for a supply teacher. As soon as I load my emails, I am greeted by a message to let me know which of her local staff are available that day. If I then need someone it is as simple as a return email to her or a quick call to her mobile and she is on the case! From a customer point-of-view, the fact that Rebecca works from home is really no different to if she was based in an office. She has access to her computer and phone and is therefore in quick contact with her staff to get them on their way when they are needed. Once the mad morning rush has quietened down she is then able to turn her attention to getting her children ready for school – what a brilliant ‘best of both world’s’ for a hard working mum!” – Liz

“Working with Rebecca as a home worker has been a new and rewarding experience for me. It has proved to be a more 1:1 service when you know that the supply staff provided has actually been interviewed by her and she knows their availability in advance. As she knows her clients personally to, she can match supply staff with schools accordingly. Not all staff are suited to all schools!! There doesn’t appear to be the usual distractions of office noise, phones ringing and interruptions. Whilst things might be happening at home I have never been aware of anything and it hasn’t caused me any inconvenience. All in all an excellent personal service that appears to suit both client and the agency supply staff equally well.” – Helen